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What Do I Need To Know Before Buying QXpress?

QXpress is a scheduling, job costing and batch invoicing program, designed for QuickBooks users in the field services industry. QXpress will allow you to schedule one time and recurring services for your QuickBooks customer list, print route lists and work orders, record start and stop times, enter what materials were used, and then post the work back to QuickBooks as an invoice. QXpress provides you with a powerful tool to manage your operations, but allows you to continue using QuickBooks for all accounting activities.

Request a free web-based "Live Product Demonstration" (LPD). An LPD is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to evaluate whether QXpress is a good match for your company. Schedule a 30 minute live one-on-one demonstration with a QXpress representative. They will call you at the scheduled time, and then give you a link to click on so that you can see their computer screen in your Internet Explorer web browser! They'll ask you to explain how your business operates, and what benefits you are looking to gain, and then they'll show you exactly how to use QXpress for your specific scenario.

Minimum System Requirements
512MB RAM or higher
Pentium III processor or higher
1024x768 or higher screen resolution
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2008
QuickBooks Pro 2008 or higher (excluding EasyStart and Online versions of QuickBooks)
Internet connection preferred, but not required

You must be a QuickBooks user to use QXpress. However, while having QuickBooks on the same computer as QXpress is preferred, it is not required that every computer has QuickBooks on it. Here are the three scenarios you can setup:

Full Integration (Recommended) - QuickBooks and QXpress are installed on the same computer. Depending on the permissions setup for the user in QuickBooks, you can add & edit customers, post invoices, etc, from QXpress. You can also use QuickBooks as you normally would.

Partial Integration (Not Recommended, QuickBooks Integration Not Supported) - QXpress is installed on the computer, but QuickBooks is not installed. However, RDS is installed so that you can add & edit QuickBooks customers from QXpress, post invoices, etc. To learn more about RDS, a free tool from QuickBooks, click here. For more information regarding setup with QXpress, click here.

No Integration (Not Recommended) - QXpress is installed on the computer, but neither QuickBooks nor RDS is installed. On this computer, you can still schedule new services, print route lists, record job costing information, create invoices, etc., but you cannot interact directly with QuickBooks. Most importantly you will not be able to add or edit QuickBooks customers from QXpress on this computer. (Initial sync with QuickBooks needed on Primary Computer, allowing additional client computers to "attach" to existing QXpress database without directly interacting with QuickBooks.)

Regardless of whether you rent or purchase QXpress, you receive 120 free support minutes. Minutes used for initial installation, initial networking, and passwords are credited back. Over 85% of QXpress users never need more than their free support, but if further support is desired, it can be purchased at an additional cost of $100 USD per hour, tracked by the minute.

If you choose to rent QXpress, updates and upgrades are included. If you choose to purchase QXpress, updates and upgrades are included for the first 12 months, and then the Keep Me Current Plan applies. The Keep Me Current Plan includes all updates and upgrades, plus an additional 60 minutes of support - Contact your sales representative for pricing.

How Do I Get Started with QXpress?

First and foremost, you should watch the QXpress Movie tutorials at least once. Next, try entering a service into QXpress and taking it from "A to B", i.e. from scheduling, through to invoicing back into QuickBooks, the way you learned in the movies.

Finally, when it comes to implementing QXpress, try implementing the software in stages. If you have several crews or several divisions, try just running QXpress on a single crew or division for the first month or two, until you are comfortable, and then implement it fully.

Yes, but you need to make sure you have the appropriate number of QXpress licenses. QXpress is licensed based on how many computers you want QXpress installed on, regardless of how many concurrent users there are.

There are 4 scenarios where you can use QXpress remotely:

QX Mobile - We developed QX Mobile to be a Pocket PC version of QXpress. With QX Mobile you can perform nearly all the functions of the regular QXpress, but on a Pocket PC. When an internet connection is available, you can then synchronize QX Mobile with QXpress so that they are both updated with the latest changes.

Laptop - You can have QXpress installed on your laptop, provided you have an additional license of QXpress, and take a copy of the main QXpress database with you in the field. However, this is a "read-only" copy. Unlike QX Mobile, it does not synchronize back at the office. Any changes made on the laptop will be lost.

On a basic level, it is best to use technical support (i) if you need help getting QXpress installed, networked or integrated with QuickBooks, (ii) if you have a technical issue, or (iii) when you want to ask questions on how to best use QXpress.

We do recommend that you go through the self help tools first so that you don't use your support minutes on basic questions covered in the QXpress Movie Tutorials. However, by all means please call us if you have questions. Don't be a stranger - we want to help ensure you are successfully up and running with QXpress!!

You are eligible to receive technical support if you meet one of the following criteria:

You purchased QXpress within the last 12 months and you have service minutes available in your account.

You are currently renting QXpress and you have service minutes available in your account.

You have purchased QXpress (rather than rented) and have a current Keep Me Current Plan subscription and you have service minutes available in your account.

How Do I Learn More About Using QXpress?

In order to use QXpress on more than one computer, you will need to purchase an additional license for each computer you want to use QXpress on. Each additional license provides you with full access to QXpress.

If your computers are already setup on a network, QXpress information can be shared across that network so that multiple users can use QXpress at the same time.

To view the tech article on networking click here.

To generate a new password, do the following:

Go to My Account
Login with your User Name and email
Click Find/Generate Passwords
Follow the instructions given

For more information about generating passwords, click here to view the tech article.

QuickBooks does not have to be running in order to use QXpress. However, you will need QuickBooks running if you are getting new QB data, adding customers or posting invoices and/or service times to QuickBooks.

If you have a QXpress CD, do the following to reinstall:

1. Put the CD into your CD-ROM
2. Click on the Windows Start button
3. Click Run
4. Type D:\setup.exe (replace D with the letter that corresponds to your CD-ROM drive)
5. Click OK

If you do not have a QXpress CD, you can download the software by doing the following:
1. Login to the My Account section of the QXpress website here:
2. Select the QX Full Installation from the dropdown list and click Download.

Service Minutes must be purchased before they are used. This means that you must have Service Minutes in your account before receiving e-Support, Telephone Support or Custom Services.

To purchase Service Minutes over the telephone, call 1-888-QXpress (1-888-797-7377) Ext. 5.

Qxpress is extremely affordable. We help with lawn maintenance, cleaning, document destruction, irrigation, landscaping, tree care, pest control, HVAC, pool maintenance, and snow removal as well as other various industries worldwide.

Call QXpress for help with our QuickBooks scheduling software at 888-797-7377 or contact us!

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