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Contact Manager

Contact Manager - Customer Relationship Management

Impress Your Customers

Easily track every contact you have with your customers with our customer relationship management software. The Contact Manager tool keeps you informed on past and upcoming events such as Emails, Phone Calls and Site Visits. Contacts appear in the History tab in the Customer screen, so you can easily see customer contacts, service history, and QuickBooks transactions in one place. Your customers will be impressed by how fast and efficiently you and your staff answer their questions. Available in QXpress Gold, QXpress Platinum and QXpress Enterprise only.

Set Reminders & Enhance Communication With Your Staff
Improve communication in your office with our customer management software. Every event has an employee field for you to assign a contact event to. When an employee logs into QXpress they will be alerted of reminders assigned to them. Available in QXpress Platinum and QXpress Enterprise only.

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Contact Manager

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QXpress is extremely affordable. We help with lawn care, lawn maintenance, cleaning, document destruction, irrigation, tree care, pest control, HVAC, pool maintenance, and snow removal as well as other various industries worldwide.

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