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Top 5 self-help troubleshooting issues that can save you from using support time!

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Top 5 self-help troubleshooting issues that can save you from using support time!



Question #1:  When adding customers in Qxpress I get an error message and the information will not post over QuickBooks.


Answer:  You must perform a full sync for Qxpress and QuickBooks to re-establish the connection between the two programs.  Please follow these easy steps on how to perform a FULL SYNC in Qxpress.


1.  Make sure everyone is logged out of QuickBooks and Qxpress except the workstation performing the full sync.


2. In QuickBooks make sure you switch the program from Multi User Mode to Single User Mode (This can be found under File in QuickBooks).


3. Next Log into QuickBooks as the Administrator.


4. Once you complete the steps above in QuickBooks log into your Qxpress and click on QB QX Sync Button.


5. Make sure you select the right version of QuickBooks (If you do not have the right version of Quickbooks on the drop down menu do not worry!)  You will get an error message station ‚ÄúThis is not the right of QuickBooks that you selected.  From this point you can still click Ok to move forward.


6.  Make sure Full Sync is selected and then click get new QB Data.


Once complete you should be all set to add customers and continue working in QXpress!



Question #2:  Installing Qxpress and transferring your database to another computer.


Answer:  Before installing Qxpress onto another computer you must follow these steps below to ensure there are no issues and to get you up and running.


1. Make sure to backup your database from your old computer onto a flash drive.  To perform this task, when inside Qxpress you must go to File > Backup my data base.  Your database should look like this (Here is an example  Bk_141106 which will consist in the format of year/day/month) .


2. Once that is complete you will then install Qxpress onto your new computer.  Here is the link that you can copy and paste into any web browser to download the latest version of Qxpress and follow the installation instructions.


*Note: Please make sure your Keep Me Current Plan is in good standing in order to use our latest version of Qxpress 10.1.13.  If you are not to sure you can always contact our sales department for further questions regarding your account 1-888-797-7377 option 1.  If you have an older version of Qxpress and know your Keep Me Current Plan is not up to date you can use the version that was provided to you at the time of signing up.


3.  Insert the flash drive into your new computer and take your backup file and place it into a folder you created on your  C: Drive or Desktop.


4.  You then need to register your copy of Qxpress  with us by going to the customer portal which this link will take you to  Please  note that this will not work in Internet Explorer but will work in Google Chrome  and Mozilla Firefox.  


5.  To register your new key with us you can locate this by clicking Register on your login form.  The key you are looking for will be in green which will look like this example (12345).


6.  When that is complete you will then want to select the version of Qxpress i.e Standard, Gold, Platinum or Enterprise.  After selection has been made you will then hit Refresh Password which is still under the Register button (You should see a 18 digit code appear on the password bar).  


7.  The final step - make sure you connect your database that was transferred over from the old computer to the new computer.  Go to File (which is above the Register button)  > Open Other database > Then select the location that you placed the backup file that was restored from the flash drive (Desktop or created folder in your C: Drive).


Once these steps are completed above you are now ready to continue working in your Qxpress!


Question #3:  Unable to print Work Orders/ Route Sheets.


Answer:  There are a few steps that you can perform to help resolve the issue of not being able to print.


Make exceptions for Qxpress in your firewall here is how:

1. Go to Control Panel: Note to find the windows firewall easier change the view by from category to large icons.  To find this it will be located towards the top right of your screen. Once you locate it you can then click and there will be a drop down menu to make your selection.


2. Select Windows Firewall


3. Select Allow and app or feature through the windows firewall.  this will be located on the left side of your screen under control panel home.


4.You will then see a screen that list most of your programs.  This will apply to windows 7 or 8, you may have to select Change Settings if not you can then proceed forward and select Browse to make an exception for qxpress or custom report designer.


5. Look for qxpress.exe which will be located under your program files or program files x86.  When it shows up on your list you want to have all 3 lines checked next to it  Private and Public.


6. You then want to make one more exception will be for the CustRptDesigner.  This file is found in 64 bit systems in the following location C drive > WIndows > SysWow64 and look for the Custrptdesigner.exe. For 32 bit sytems it is found here C:drive> Windows>System32> Custrptdesigner.exe.   Please follow the same steps you did prior for making exceptions for QXpress.


Making Exceptions in your Anti Virus Program:  

When making exceptions in your Anti Virus Program you can follow some of the same steps above i.e finding the QXpress.exe file.  

*Note we can not perform this task for you as this is something your IT person would need to do.or help from your Anti Virus Provider.


If you are not to sure if your Anti Virus Program is handling your Firewall the easiest way to find out is:

1. Go to your Control Panel


2. Go to Windows Firewall


3.  If you see a yellow bar that says for example ( The firewall is managed by Norton or Mcafee).  By seeing this will tell you automatically on how your firewall is being handled.


One final step for this troubleshooting issue would be to uninstall and reinstall QXpress.

Question #4:  When Trying to post invoices over to QuickBooks I get an error message and it does not post over from QXpress.


Answer: When trying to post an invoice over from Qxpress to Quickbooks and you receive an error while doing so, here are 2 simple steps to assure they go through.


1.  Be sure to check the customers information within Qxpress or Quickbooks for an email.  


2.  Make sure to check the invoice type for the job that was created for the customer ..


These two steps provide quick relief of posting invoices over from Qxpress to Quickbooks.  It is very important to check the invoice type for the customer while setting up the job request for your services.  If the invoice type is set to email and Qxpress does not have the customers email information on file you will receive this error  until corrected.  Once this is adjusted you will be able to invoice your customers without any hassle.


Question #5:  I can not see the same information on my calendar and my other work station provides the correct calendar information.


Answer: If you are not able to see the same information as to someone elses computer this means that you are not looking at the correct database.  Here are simple steps to correct the situation so both workstations are synchronized.


1.  Go to the computer that has the correct information and go to file logoff/login.


2.  You will then be brought to the login form where you can easily find  where your database is located.  You will then see in the middle of the login form Open Database if you are not to sure what to look for this is and example (C:\programfile\users\yourcompanynamedatabase).  

3.  When you find the location of the correct database the next step is to go on the work station that does not have the correct database and point QXpress to it.


4.  To connect the database you need to go to your login screen and select File, Open other database then find the location as you were looking for in step 2 and open the file.  


When these steps are complete you will be able to tell instantly by matching the information on the calendar to the work station that originally did not have the correct information.

We hope this troubleshooting guide helps you correct your issues and help you go forward with your day.  If none of these  troubleshooting tips help resolve the issue please call us and a representative will be happy to help you!  

Please Contact 1-888-797-7377

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