On July 10th, 2012 Microsoft released a security patch and pushed it out to all Windows users.  This patch pertains to the data access libraries and addresses the issue described in security bulletin MS12-045 (KB2698385).  This patch causes a specific issue with QXpress.

QXpress communicates with the www.qxpress.com web server for two important tasks:  refreshing passwords and accessing the shared Template Designer library.  It does this via the Microsoft Remote Data Services library.  This library was affected as part of the aforementioned patch.  When either of these functions are invoked, QXpress terminates.

Microsoft has acknowledged this issue and is working on a fix.  Please reference this article and scroll to the response from the official Microsoft rep (roughly 3/4th of the way down the page).

Meanwhile, the workaround is to remove patch 2698385 and prevent it from re-installing itself.  We have posted wiki articles on how to do this.  If you are using Windows XP, follow this article here.  If you are using Windows 7 / Vista, follow this article here.